Preheat oven to 450 degrees fahrenheit place a 10 25 inch skillet into the oven to preheat measure the self rising flour into a large mixing bowl using the coarse side of a hand grater quickly grate 1 stick frac12 cup cold hard butter into the self rising flour.

When baking the biscuits arrange them close together on the baking tray the biscuits will cling to each other and rise up together rather than spread and flatten to use a cast iron skillet use a 10 inch cast iron skillet lined with greased baking paper for an added indulgence brush your biscuits with melted butter when they come out of the.

Whole milk is best for the diy sour milk substitute though lower fat or nondairy milks work in a pinch in my testing the biscuits don rsquo t taste as rich or rise quite as tall using lower fat or nondairy milks cast iron skillet if your cast iron skillet isn rsquo t well seasoned i recommend greasing it with a little vegetable oil or melted.

Preheat oven to 425 deg pour oil into a deep 8 inch cast iron skillet place pan in oven until oil is very hot about 8 minutes in a large bowl whisk together cornmeal flour baking powder and salt in a small bowl whisk together buttermilk melted butter and egg make a well in center of dry ingredients add buttermilk mixture stir until.

Callies buttermilk biscuits 2 cups self rising flour white lily preferred place the biscuits on a baking sheet with sides lined with parchment paper or in a hellip.

Dont have buttermilk on hand try this super useful 2 ingredient buttermilk substitute make sure baking powder is fresh for the fluffiest biscuits for crispy biscuit edges brush unbaked tops with 2 tablespoons buttermilk and cook in a cast iron skillet to prepare in a food processor combine dry ingredients in step 2 in your food processor pulse to combine.

When i use buttermilk most of the time i do add about 1 4 cup of sugar or honey to my cornbread for 2 cups of cornmeal and 1 cup of flour the skillet should be screaming hot and have some fat added to make a lovely crust.

Here are a few tips on how to make the best southern buttermilk biscuits think cold make sure all of your ingredients are cold even the bowl if you can biscuit dough needs to be super cold when it goes into the oven for the best biscuits use cookie sheet or cast iron always for biscuits non stick cannot retain the heat to lend itself.

Freeze the cut biscuits without the buttermilk wash or sugar topping on a sheet pan once frozen transfer to an airtight bag or vessel and freeze for up to 3 months bake them directly from the freezer mdash apply the buttermilk wash and sugar to the frozen biscuits mdash then transfer to the oven.

Cafe tips for making buttermilk biscuits if you dont have buttermilk make your own place 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice or vinegar in a measuring cup fill to 1 cup level with milk and stir well allow to sit for 5 10 minutes or until slightly thickened the mixture may curdle a bit thats okay use in recipes in lieu of buttermilk.

Rolled buttermilk biscuits i scribbled down this recipe when our family visited the farmers museum in cooperstown new york many years ago i must have gotten it right because these biscuits turn out wonderful every time mdash patricia kile elizabeth pennsylvania.

How to make the best 3 ingredient biscuit recipe step by step i love classic southern biscuits but when i want beautiful thick fluffy and easy buttermilk biscuits that are ready to serve in about 30 minutes this is the recipe that i turn to if you dont have self rising flour on hand or if you dont have buttermilk on hand dont worry you can still make these biscuits.

The full batch recipe for cast iron skillet cornbread is here below is how i made it using the small skillet if you want to keep the small batch but don rsquo t have the 6 5 inch skillet you could do it in an 8 4 inch loaf pan or possibly two mini loaf pans.

Place on a baking sheet in cast iron skillet or a biscuit baker and brush lightly with buttermilk if desired bake for 10 minutes or until golden and risen if you like brush the hot biscuits immediately with melted butter and enjoy.

Cast iron is tough and can withstand a slip up or two mdash lauren knoelke milwaukee wisconsin get recipe rolled buttermilk biscuits i scribbled down this recipe when our family visited the farmers museum in cooperstown new york many years ago i must have gotten it right because these biscuits turn out wonderful every time.

Bake arrange the biscuits in a 10 inch cast iron skillet so that the biscuits touch each other but not the sides of the pan put the skillet in the oven and increase the oven temperature to 500 deg f put the skillet in the oven and increase the oven temperature to 500 deg f.

Butter dip buttermilk biscuits are the easiest homemade biscuits no biscuit cutter needed thick fluffy and buttery heavenly butter swim biscuits did the title of this recipe get your attention butter dip biscuits hello lover i just love biscuits is there anyone out there who doesnt enjoy biscuits bread of any type speaks to our most basic of read more raquo.

Place the biscuits in a buttered pan close together i used a 10 cast iron skillet but you can also use a cake pan a spring form pan or a baking dish immediately place the biscuits in the oven and bake at 475f for about 11 15 minutes do not open the oven door for at least the first half of baking time.

I followed everything else as written including using a cast iron skillet i wouldn rsquo t suggest using the yogurt milk mixture to top the biscuits before baking as they didn rsquo t brown sufficiently perhaps it was too thick the biscuits turned out marvelous though other than not browning enough on top.

Never ever made buttermilk biscuits before and this recipe sold me didn rsquo t have unsalted butter so i used 1 2 the salt recipe called for and they came out perfect made in my 12 inch cast iron skillet came out flaky a keeper.

Here rsquo s how to make the best buttermilk fried pork chops first preheat your skillet cast iron is perfect for this on medium high heat add 1 4 prime of cooking oil and allow to heat until the oil is shimmering on the surface then gently add your pork chops to the skillet without overcrowding them if your skillet is small fry them in batches.

For gluten free buttermilk biscuits i use buttermilk in place of the half and half you can use a dairy free butter and full fat coconut milk to make gluten free dairy free biscuits just note if you use dairy free options the texture in these gluten free biscuits will be slightly different and you may need to add to the baking time.