14 of 38 cedar planked salmon with lemon and dill 15 of 38 quinoa crusted salmon with spicy orange miso sauce 16 of 38 crisp hellip.

Sweet and smoky cedar planked salmon the char from a cedar plank flavors this grilled sugar crusted salmon get the recipe becky luigart stayner 2 of 20 citrus roasted salmon this simple recipe takes just over half an hour of largely hands off time mdash and its an easy way to feast a crowd get the recipe ryan liebe 3 of 20 honey soy.

Its more than wood for grilling cooking on fire and wood immediately re connects us to our ancestry to simpler times and sharing that food seasoned deeply with the flavor of wood smoke builds a profound connection with the friends and family who we value and hold dear that is the wi.

Cedar planked salmon salmon with dijon vinaigrette salmon stuffed with goats cheese and pesto see all 12 recipes recently viewed salmon koulibiac reviews ratings average global rating 1 reviews in english 1 b by blessu 0 it was an absolute success i made a veggie version with cabbage and rice.

You may also try stuffing a whole side of salmon and roasting it for a buffet it will look spectacular if you love salmon you might also like these recipes grilled cedar planked salmon mediterranean style salmon blackened salmon salad marinated grilled salmon.

Cedar planked salmon with maple glaze and mustard mashed potatoes make sure to use untreated cedar made specifically for cooking when hellip.

Sweet and smoky cedar planked salmon this smoked salmon mdash seasoned with brown sugar paprika and lemon zest mdash is big enough to feed a crowd get the recipe brian woodcock 23 of 81 crispy chicken thighs with garlic and rosemary can you guess the secret to these irresistibly crispy thighs.