The ham and cheese gets added just before serving the cheddar cheese is what really makes this soup as delicious as it is it rsquo s hard to resist cheesy goodness plus it helps give the soup a really thick and hearty consistency all said and done you can have this cheesy ham and potato chowder on the table in under 30 minutes.

Ham and corn chowder is the perfect soup it rsquo s easy to make rich and creamy and everyone absolutely loves it a juicy honey baked ham what my family always prefers for holiday meals although i love a traditional roast turkey with stuffing there is power in numbers i always make an extra big ham so i can be sure to have lots of leftover ham for recipes and easy meals hellip.

Thick creamy ham and corn chowder made without cream simple to make made with ham corn and potato in a thick creamy bechamel based soup 450 calories.

Corn chowder thick and creamy this hearty corn chowder soup is loaded with chunks of potato ham and tons of flavor this soup is easy enough to make as a weeknight meal and best of all can be made with fresh frozen or even canned corn making it hellip.

Add chicken broth potatoes frozen corn ham 1 tablespoon thyme the salt and pepper heat to boiling cover and simmer 10 to 15 minutes remove from heat with potato masher carefully mash potatoes to thicken chowder.

Hearty and creamy this classic corn chowder with bacon takes a few minutes to pull together then spends the next few hours simmering itself into delicious perfection when you rsquo re looking for a satisfying soup a corn chowder recipe like this one is a great idea.

Ingredients and variations corn it always tastes great whether it rsquo s frozen fresh or canned let frozen corn thaw before using and drain and rinse canned corn potato for a thicker hearty soup we add potato to the soup feel free to sub out sweet potatoes dairy a super creamy version can be made with heavy whipping cream but light cream will still produce a delicious hellip.