Cheesy potato corn chowder if you have known me for even a short time two things aren rsquo t much of a secret one is my love for soup and the other is my love of my home state of nebraska i am a nebraska girl though and through i think that this potato corn chowder recipe encompasses two of those loves of mine.

The ham and cheese gets added just before serving the cheddar cheese is what really makes this soup as delicious as it is it rsquo s hard to resist cheesy goodness plus it helps give the soup a really thick and hearty consistency all said and done you can have this cheesy ham and potato chowder on the table in under 30 minutes.

This slow cooker potato broccoli corn chowder with bacon is actually a very simple few ingredient recipe that can totally be made stove top or in a slow cooker or crockpot it rsquo s a creamy soup full of potatoes chopped broccoli corn and a generous sprinkling of shredded cheese and crispy bacon on top.

This potato corn chowder has tender chunks of potato and corn in a thick velvety creamy broth this makes for a quick weeknight meal or a great lunch serve with a fresh salad and some bread for dipping quick savory soup this soup tastes like it rsquo s been simmering on the stove for hours but it rsquo s super fast to make.

This easy instant pot potato corn chowder recipe is amazing it only takes 15 minutes to make and is the perfect creamy corn soup to eat all year long served by itself for dinner or with a side of rolls it surely will be your new favorite pressure cooker soup your kids will think its a winner too.

Thick creamy and chunky potato chowder is filled with cheese corn bacon and more it rsquo s hearty and is made in 30 minutes we love chowders like corn and zucchini chowder and vegetable chowder and today rsquo s recipe is no different filled with all the best ingredients and easy to customize this potato chowder is sure to be a fall favorite.

Corn chowder thick and creamy this hearty corn chowder soup is loaded with chunks of potato ham and tons of flavor this soup is easy enough to make as a weeknight meal and best of all can be made with fresh frozen or even canned corn making it hellip.

This broccoli potato cheese soup wont freeze well because of the dairy if making in advance store in the fridge for 1 2 days if you dont have cheddar try using a good melting cheese such as gruyere cheese a little blue cheese would also work really well you could also use cauliflower instead of broccoli in this vegetarian potato soup.

Serve cheesy potato soup as a complete meal with a side of biscuits ingredients dairy butter and garlic cooked with flour will make a quick roux milk thins out the sauce then cream cheese cheddar and gruyere create the cheesy base some dry mustard really brings out the flavors in the cheese spuds any kind of potatoes are good in soup.

Add chicken broth potatoes frozen corn ham 1 tablespoon thyme the salt and pepper heat to boiling cover and simmer 10 to 15 minutes remove from heat with potato masher carefully mash potatoes to thicken chowder.

Emergency corn chowder soup named as such because it involves little more than popping open cans then using the empty cans to measure the liquids straight into the pot this is the easy soup recipe of your dreams ndash with potato and bacon it rsquo s thick hearty creamy and 100 delicious 15 minutes start to finish with 3 minutes prep time.

Hearty and creamy this classic corn chowder with bacon takes a few minutes to pull together then spends the next few hours simmering itself into delicious perfection when you rsquo re looking for a satisfying soup a corn chowder recipe like this one is a great idea.

Easy cheesy loaded potato soup has all your favorite potato toppings in a warm satisfying bowl cheese crisp bacon scallions and of course hearty potatoes in a creamy savory sauce a real cold weather favorite.

What to serve with this potato cheese soup for the ultimate cheesy lunch serve as a side to my toasted cheddar ham sandwich a great dipper for this soup is a couple of slices of my homemade italian bread you might try topping this creamy potato cheese soup with my ranch seasoned oyster crackers.