Ldquo the sandwich a greek gyro pronounced lsquo year oh rsquo is a lamb tomato and onion concoction nestled in a fold of a soft bread called pita more than 30 greek snack stores selling the gyro have opened in manhattan in the last year according to the proprietors estimates.

Jim stanfield in greek the word gyro or gamma rho omicron pronounced yee roh means turn or revolution and thats just what this fabulous cone of pork does on an upright rotisserie grill other versions of gyro adapted from the turkish doener kebap or middle eastern shawarma are never made with pork only lamb and or beef sometimes ground goat or chicken.

Greek chicken makes an appearance on my dinner table pretty frequently in many forms from tender souvlaki skewers to greek chicken gyro or a quick skillet chicken covered in a tasty yogurt chicken marinade ah but if its a special comforting meal we need greek chicken and potatoes it is.

3 lower heat and add onions garlic and cilantro let those sweat some then add the lemons olives dried fruit finally add the liquid cover and let cook for 30 to 45 minutes or until chicken is fully cooked through and registers and hellip.

This greek chicken souvlaki gyro sandwich wrap recipe is sure to satisfy your taste buds and fill you up at lunchtime grilled chicken marinated in greek seasonings is stuffed into a pillowy pita pocket and topped with homemade tzatziki tomato onion lettuce and fresh dill.

Flan aux fruits secs et a la banane in 11 minutes hello everybody i hope you rsquo re having an amazing day today today i will show you a way to make a special dish flan aux fruits secs et a la banane.