Chocolate yogurt cake makes one 9 prime x 5 prime loaf cake ingredients 1 and 1 3 cups 175 grams all purpose flour 1 2 cup 52 grams unsweetened cocoa powder 1 and 1 2 teaspoons baking powder 3 4 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon fine kosher salt.

Chocolate yogurt bundt cake grease a bundt pan with cooking spray before adding your cake batter bake for 50 to 55 minutes at 350 degrees allow cake to cool completely before inverting on a plate and serving chocolate yogurt marble cake prepare wet ingredients as normal sift all the dry ingredients together except cocoa powder.

Today is greek yogurt day greek yogurt is great in baking because it gives a bit of a tangy flavor to cakes muffins and breads i often substitute greek yogurt for sour cream in recipes youll love this greek yogurt chocolate bundt cake greek yogurt is not necessarily from greece greek yogurt refers to a yogurt making process it differs from regular yogurt in that the hellip.

Chocolate cake flavors mounds bar cake frost with coconut cream or vegan chocolate mousse and top with more shredded coconut nutella chocolate cake frost each layer with chocolate hazelnut butter or my recipe for healthy nutella german chocolate cake add a homemade or store bought caramel frosting mixed with chopped pecans and toasted hellip.

A dark chocolate cake with a rich and creamy chocolate frosting mdash this is the ultimate chocolate cake for chocolate lovers photo by alexandra grablewski chronicle books 2018 when my kids were babies i started a home based baking business specializing in special occasion cakes and cupcakes mostly for children rsquo s birthday parties.

The origins of yogurt cake yogurt cake or gateau au yaourt is a classic french baked good it rsquo s so simple it rsquo s often the first thing french children are taught to bake and traditionally the ingredients were measured out in small individual yogurt cups.

Easy homemade chocolate cake you guys this chocolate cake is everything you could ever want in a cake fluffy and moist chocolate cake whipped chocolate frosting and chocolate ganache it doesn rsquo t get much better than this they say the proof is in the pudding but in this case the proof is in the cake.

Yogurt bakes beautifully into cakes whether youre using plain greek yogurt or your favorite flavored yogurt like strawberry or vanilla try our top rated recipes for greek yogurt cake lemon yogurt cake yogurt pound cake chocolate yogurt cake and more.

The best chocolate cake recipe chocolate flavour oozes all through this cake even though it rsquo s only made with cocoa powder like our very own fudgy chocolate cake with a crumb so incredibly tender this cake stays moist for a good 4 5 days whether you eat it plain dust it with powdered sugar or serve with dollops of cream or scoops of ice cream it truly is hellip.

Fifth step cool cake for 10 15 minutes remove from bundt pan to cool the rest of the way on a cooling rack sixth step when the cake is cooled prepare the ganache seventh step heat heavy cream in a small saucepan or a microwave safe container until steaming eighth step pour cream over chocolate chips in a small bowl ninth step hellip.

When the glaze is the consistency of runny honey brush the yogurt cake straight away baking the cake in a round pan rather than a loaf pan reduces the baking time approx 30 35 minutes keeps well for 4 days at room temperature in an airtight container do not refrigerate refrigeration dries this cake out freezable.

Easy yogurt cake a healthy and delicious snack or dessert cake recipe made with your favourite flavor of yogurt change your yogurt flavor change your cake yogurt cake i happened on this easy yogurt cake recipe almost 20 years ago from a woman i encountered in the local supermarket buying yogurt no less my italiancontinue reading.

Back in my high carb days i used to make honey sweetened homemade frozen yogurt frozen banana ice cream and avocado chocolate mousse sweetened with maple syrup ive since developed a low carb version which i considered as better alternatives to traditional desserts but now that i eat a low carb diet i prefer this chocolate yogurt recipe its so easy it hellip.

Conversely chocolate cake is made with melted chocolate rich butter cream and milk a much heavier combination of ingredients devils food cake also usually uses coffee or a water based liquid as opposed to milk or heavy cream that a denser heavier chocolate cake might have pollack says.

Chocolate frosting we rsquo re topping and filling this chocolate zucchini cake with smooth silky and creamy chocolate buttercream we rsquo re using my favorite chocolate buttercream recipe but increasing the quantity we do this for my regular chocolate cake too if you would rather top this cake with vanilla frosting use the vanilla frosting included in my white cake recipe.

This chocolate chip cake is made of a classic homemade yellow cake that rsquo s extra moist thanks to a special ingredient the deets on that are below the cake gets layered with a generous sprinkling of cinnamon and sugar along with an entire bag of milk chocolate chips.

Gluten free chocolate cake in one bowl mdash without all the hard work of melting chocolate sometimes you just need a rich dark gluten free chocolate cake that you make in 1 bowl without even melting any chocolate usually to get a really rich chocolate cake or cupcake your best bet is to use both melted dark chocolate and cocoa powder.

This death by chocolate cake is for serious chocolate lovers only featuring three layers of moist chocolate cake chocolate fudge sauce chocolate frosting and chocolate chips this cake is a chocolate lovers dream come true death by chocolate cake recipe what in the world could possibly be better than homemade chocolate cake death by chocolate hellip.

To make the cake in a medium bowl sift together flour corn starch baking powder and salt set aside in a large microwave safe bowl melt butter in the microwave whisk in the sugars ndash mixture will be gritty whisk in egg yogurt milk pineapple juice and vanilla extract until combined slowly whisk in dry ingredients until no lumps remain.

This creamy yogurt cake is just 3 ingredients and takes only a few minutes to prepare you dont even need a mixer to make the batter you also dont need flour butter or oil to make the cake the cake is low in sugar and calories.

This super moist chocolate bundt cake is always a crowd pleaser loaded with rich chocolate flavor and covered in decadent chocolate ganache and shaved chocolate curls this one is definitely a dessert for chocolate lovers only so much easier than making a layer cake chocolate bundt cake recipe good morning and welcome to day 1 of.

Dark chocolate cake use this chocolate cake as the starting point for a sturdier yet moister crumb swap some sour cream in for the buttermilk and reduce the hot liquid the acidity in both sour cream and buttermilk is a must to properly leaven this cake.

I just made a batch of the classic chocolate cake scratch and the sour cream chocolate cake doctored mix both look and smell amazing i think i may have over baked the classic from scratch a bit i used three 8 prime pans and calibrated my oven to 350 i checked after 20 minutes and the very middle was gooey on the stick.

This single serving microwave chocolate chip mug cake starts with a fluffy brown sugar cake base mixed with chocolate chips it cooks in just 1 minute and tastes like a chocolate chip cookie that got turned into a cake.

Chocolate wasc is the easiest way to make box mix taste like scratch chocolate wasc is the chocolate version of our popular wasc recipe that with an addition of a few ingredients your box cake will taste almost like scratch the texture is light and fluffy but is still sturdy enough to carve a cake or stack into for a wedding cake.

How to make this chocolate brownie cake recipe step one preheat your oven to 350 deg f step two in a large bowl combine the box of cake mix the box of brownie mix eggs water oil and mayonnaise stir or mix these hellip.

You won rsquo t believe this is a sugar free homemade cake an easy recipe for a fluffy tender and moist sugar free chocolate cake frost with an easy cream cheese whipped frosting for a low calorie dessert you may also love our healthy banana cake sugar free chocolate cake recipe i rsquo m so excited to be sharing thiscontinue reading.

Donuts are one of my favorite desserts i love the fun shape of donuts and the colorful sprinkles or creamy glaze that covers the top these chocolate glazed donuts are baked instead of fried giving them a moist cake like texture hellip.

Strawberry jello cake is the yummiest combo of all time favorite spring and summer desserts strawberry shortcake strawberry jello and no bake cheesecake after one bite you rsquo ll be totally hooked on fresh strawberry goodness strawberry jello cake strawberry jello cake is very light fluffy not too sweet and it rsquo s so easy to assemble.