A chronological bible reading schedule week one january 1 7 in this first week we refer to some scriptures that tell us of plans that hellip.

Chronological one year bible reading plans are a great way to experience the whole breadth of the bible in bite sized pieces over a period of time a chronological order bible reading plan is popular because it helps readers get a better understanding of the big picture and context of the bible and see how the different parts are all connected.

Daily bible reading plans after you activate and login to your blb account you can choose one of the preset plans below note make sure to select fit to page for best printing results canonical plan 1yr this plan goes straight through the bible from genesis to revelation.

Today we rsquo re going to take a closer look at simple bible reading plans for beginners that will help you stay motivated and encouraged such as plans for new believers one year plans seasonal plans a plan for kids chronological plan slow reading plan and a plan that combines both old and new testament passages each day.

Last december i went on a hunt for a new bible reading plan i wanted to find one that was 5 days a week instead of the usual seven and i was hoping to find one that was psuedo chronological more on what i mean by that in a moment after searching a variety of websites i came across this bible reading plan that is my new favorite i think.

This plan was really hard to find but i finally came across it this one year old testament bible reading plan is also in chronological order so it rsquo s easy to see the narrative of redemption you rsquo ll be reading esther in december topical bible reading plans 17 30 day calm anxiety bible reading plan.

Instructions on this page you will work through a bible reading plan which will give a chronological view of the events of the bible you will be guided through the passages as they occurred in real time.

Read the catholic bible in a year this reading plan is entirely online it contains all of the books of the catholic bible and it rsquo s free are you reading on a smart phone you might prefer all of the readings on a single page hellip find it here would you prefer a chronological reading plan click here.

Reading portions of the bible 1 do a book by book study of several books of the bible during the year one of my former students for example reads one book multiple times each month depending on the length of the book he devours 12 books of the bible each year and his plan is to complete the entire bible in 5 5 years 2.