However the one downside of the chronological plan was that i didn rsquo t get to the new testament until october i prefer a plan that allows me to read them side by side throughout the year in this 5 day plan the old testament is arranged chronologically and there is a new testament reading every day.

2 ldquo 5x5x5 new testament bible reading plan rdquo mdash it will only take you through the nt one book at a time in a somewhat random order 3 ldquo the discipleship journal book at a time bible reading plan rdquo mdash this gives you one ot and one nt reading each day one book at a time it rsquo s set up for 6 days week but you could modify it to fit your.

Introduction a commentary on romans 13 romans 13 1 7 and 1 peter 2 13 17 a brief comparison selected bibliography introduction the purpose of the study we live in a generation in which public opinion of those in political leadership is probably at an all time low.

J b phillips the new testament in modern english 1958 rsv revised standard version nt 1946 ot 1952 knox r a knox the new testament in english 1945 at the bible mdash an american translation 1927 moffatt james moffatt a new translation of the bible 1926 tcnt the twentieth century new testament 1898 1901 rev 1904 asv.

Introduction to historical proofs of the bible the bible is essentially a religious history even those who wrote the bible made it clear it was not a secular history even though secular events are referred to it is a book about god and his relationship with man that cannot be proven or dis proven logically it is a spiritual matter however people and events hellip.

The noun satan hebrew for ldquo adversary rdquo or ldquo accuser rdquo occurs nine times in the hebrew bible five times to describe a human military political or legal opponent and four times with reference to a divine being in numbers 22 the prophet balaam hired to curse the israelites is stopped by a messenger from israel rsquo s god yhwh described as ldquo the satan rdquo acting on god rsquo s hellip.