Fresh cilantro or parsley chopped roasted pumpkin seeds extra virgin olive oil ground cumin place edamame in a medium saucepan with baking soda and garlic and cover with water directions bring to a boil reduce to a simmer and simmer for 25 30 minutes until very soft and falling apart strain the edamame and garlic discarding the.

Hummus romaine lettuce edamame beans lemon cucumbers avocado and 2 more red pepper vegetable stock water edamame beans pepper fresh cilantro and 9 more kaffir lime chicken with rice and indonesian peanut sauce my food bag soy sauce lime salt kaffir lime leaf coconut milk fish sauce and 14 more.

In health food or vegetarian based stores it rsquo s now common to find hummus made from other types of beans black beans edamame or lentils for example and with ingredient additions and flavors that can spice up any bland meal some of my favorite types of hummus include cilantro jalapeno curry sweet potato roasted red pepper black bean.

I made your other hummus recipe two days ago actually we added cilantro roasted garlic and jalapeno pepper so very yummy i also made fromage fort last night with lemon juice apple cider vinegar and milk instead of wine my kids got a kick out of dipping carrots in it at lunch today.

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Canned beans and tomatoes make this quick vegetarian chili recipe ready to go in just 30 minutes serve over rice or couscous or with tortilla chips for added crunch and add extra toppings as you see fit sliced scallions chopped fresh cilantro diced avocado and sliced jalapenos are all tasty choices.

Anytime edamame from thekitchn a half cup of boiled or steamed shelled young soybeans are rich in protein omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants mdash and are only 100 calories making it a great choice for healthy snacking splitting the pods open to nibble on the beans helps you eat more mindfully buy now.

Try rice and beans as a side dish or mix rice beans and hummus together then spread on ezekiel bread which is made from sprouted grains hellip.

A range of textures mdash crunchy peas tender vegetables and silky coconut broth mdash makes this cool weather main incredibly satisfying the chickpea mixture can also be a delicious gluten free snack after baking toss with a little kosher salt ground cumin and ground red pepper serve with cilantro chile couscous.

Serves 4 nutrition 381 calories 2 g fat 0 g saturated fat 618 mg sodium 60 g carbs 9 g fiber 11 g sugar 31 g protein calculated with all low fat greek yogurt and mini whole wheat pitas this pita pocket is lightened up with the use of low fat greek yogurt in place of hefty mayo this swap allows the flavors of the tuna and chickpeas to be the stars of the show mdash and hellip.

Snacks almonds fruit salad and carrots with hummus summary the sample meal plan listed above highlights many of the healthy ingredients and dishes that can be enjoyed on a well rounded vegan diet.

Edamame sliced avocado quinoa broccoli red cabbage cucumber sweet potato tofu and carrots can all be great additions to your buddha bowl 7 ndash 10 grains.