Cinnamon apples are not only easy to make but can also be enjoyed in several ways my favorite way to serve cinnamon apples is on top of ham or as a side with pork chops you can always enjoy solo with fresh whipped cream or hellip.

This recipe is simple requiring 9 basic ingredients and 1 bowl a mix of tart and sweet apples are peeled cored thinly sliced and added right to the baking dish before being topped with delicious spices like cinnamon fresh ginger and nutmeg total swoon.

Old fashioned cinnamon apples this is maybe the best thing ever to serve next to a pork roast or a pork chop these cinnamon apple slices are cooked on the stove top and sprinkled with cinnamon and the result is a sweet apple side dish that everyone will love.

These cinnamon baked apples are easy enough for tonight but double as the perfect dessert for friends and family or the holidays these just might beat apple pie jump to the baked cinnamon apples recipe how to make the best baked cinnamon apples the topping for the apples comes straight out of our popular apple crisp recipe it rsquo s really.

These quick and easy warm stovetop cinnamon apples are perfectly sweet delicious and so versatile i love how fast these come together and there are so many ways to serve them these tasty warm apples work great on their own as a side dish snack or dessert they taste decadent when topped with a dollop of whipped cream or served over ice cream.

Brown sugar cinnamon baked apples are crisp apples quartered and mixed with rich brown sugar and cinnamon seasoning then baked to perfection add ice cream on top for a decadent fall dessert for me apples are my favorite in the fall if you love apples as much as we do try this apple crumb muffins caramel toffee apple cake or praline apple bundt cake.

Add apples to the cinnamon mixture and turn heat to high stirring often bring to a rapid boil reduce heat and continue to cook and stir until apples are tender and red in color red food coloring can be added if a deeper red color is desired.

Softened apples in a butter sugar and cinnamon mixture a delicious side dish or dessert recipe apples are often used in desserts hellip and sometimes used in sheet pan dinners or soups but sometimes just a good old fashioned bowl of cinnamon fried apples are what is needed for a side dish or afternoon snack.

Crock pot cinnamon apples we cook this up in our 6 quart slow cookers like this one this is a dinner side dish recipe if you want your apples to be more sweet you will need to add more sugar to taste we used gala apples but you can use the apple of your choice.

Pinch of cinnamon plus 1 8 tsp for the apples pinch of nutmeg 1 granny smith apple peeled cored and chopped 1 2 cup apple juice 2 tbsp brown sugar butter or cooking spray confectioners sugar how to make it in a large mixing bowl combine the buttermilk oats flour milk butter baking powder baking soda pinch of cinnamon and.

Preheat oven to 375 deg core apples with a melon baller without cutting through the bottom in a medium bowl mix together butter oats brown sugar pecans cinnamon nutmeg and hellip.

Add the apples maple syrup and cinnamon while the sweet potato cubes are baking toss the apples with the remaining coconut oil maple syrup and cinnamon in a large bowl until everything is well combined once the sweet potatoes begin to brown remove them from the oven and add the rest of the ingredients to the pan stirring to combine.

Crock pot cinnamon apples i rsquo m so thrilled that fall is here with all its glorious flavors some people go pumpkin crazy but i rsquo m all about the apples i eat one almost every day whether it rsquo s plain or in something delicious like apple scones with cinnamon whipped cream.

How to make red hot cinnamon apples turns out making red hot cinnamon apples is easy as hellip apple pie before you get started go ahead and peel core and chop your apples you can leave them in large segments like i did in the photos or dice them into bite sized pieces like my grandma used to do set aside.

Candy apples are a fairground classic but theyre also surprisingly easy to make at home use this simple recipe for homemade cinnamon candy apples to make crisp tart apples with a crunchy cinnamon coating.

How to make paleo apple cinnamon muffins with caramelized apples preheat the oven to 350 degrees f and line a muffin tray with 8 muffin papers begin by caramelizing the apple to do so peel and chop the apple into wedges and add it to a small saucepan along with the pure maple syrup water cinnamon and sea salt cover and bring to a full boil.

Homemade potpourri made with natural apples orange slices and cinnamon sticks is a great way to bring a little beauty and fragrance to your home a while back i showed you how to make potpourri from your garden flowers today im sharing an easy way to make homemade potpourri with oranges apples and cinnamon sticks.

Baked apples topped with oats cinnamon and brown sugar like little individual apple crisps without all the added fuss of cutting and peeling the apples a simple low fat healthy dessert for a cool autumn evening serve this a la mode for an extra special treat.

Granny smith apples have a citrusy tart flavor and they are very firm so they don rsquo t get mushy when cooked jonagold apples have a sweet honey flavor that holds up well when they are baked honeycrisp apples are sweet and tart with a hint of berry want to get the best flavor imaginable make this recipe with a few different types of apples.

Brush a little butter over the cut sides of the apples then sprinkle with cinnamon mix topping ingredients together in a small bowl and spoon on top of the apple halves evenly place the apple halves carefully into the air fryer basket then cook on 180c 350f for 15 minutes or until softened.

These easy baked apple slices are a simple side dish for chicken pork and turkey or a quick fall dessert with just 10 minutes of prep thanks to plenty of butter brown sugar cinnamon cloves ginger and nutmeg the warm dish tastes just like apple pie filling a country style sliced baked apples recipe is the perfect way to take advantage of an abundance of fresh hellip.

Gourmet homemade caramel apples are easy and fun to make the sweet buttery caramel is perfect with crisp tart granny smith apples and you can decorate them with as many crunchy chewy nutty or crispy toppings as you want.

Baked apples classic baked apples are an easy comforting dessert filled with pecans cinnamon raisins butter and brown sugar our hellip.

And cinnamon buns are often made with raisins and other ingredients that are toxic to dogs such as raisins or macadamia nuts says dr hughes if you want your dog to enjoy a treat there are plenty of dog biscuits that combine cinnamon with other dog safe ingredients like apples turkey sweet potatoes and pumpkin.

Theres nothing like pulling off a piece of apple cinnamon monkey bread on a crisp fall morning try something new with your pillsbury trade grands trade flaky cinnamon rolls with original icing by turning them into classic apple monkey bread made with sliced apples flavored with cinnamon sugar once this easy apple pull apart bread is ready have your kids add the hellip.

Place apples in 1 1 2 quart rectangular casserole sprinkle with brown sugar and cinnamon cover with foil bake 15 minutes 2 trim fat from edge of pork spray 8 or 10 inch nonstick skillet with cooking spray heat over medium heat 1 to 2 minutes cook pork in hot skillet about 6 minutes turning once until light brown.