This german cucumber dill salad called gurkensalat is a refreshing summer salad that goes well with many types of meat especially pork the dressing is a winning combination of vinegar and sugar for a refreshing side dish the mixture also makes a flavorful addition to a chicken salad or tuna salad sandwich.

Salsa macha is a very thick and unusual salsa that comes from the state of veracruz located along the coast of the gulf of mexico it has been for centuries a gateway for waves of immigrants from all over the world into mexico like my paternal grandparents veracruz being such an important channel for exchange and always immersed in flux has hellip.

A sweet salsa with medium heat copycat chipotle corn salsa recipe is made roasted poblano peppers jalapenos red onion citrus juice and plenty of corn use frozen corn like chipotle does or follow my easy tutorial for fresh corn.

Cucumber cream cheese spread is perfect for bagels or crackers fresh cucumbers green onions worcestershire sauce and cream cheese if you are a fan of bagels and cream cheese or if you like to snack on crackers with some creamy goodness smeared on top then you will really enjoy this spread.