Crab quiche chopped green onions and sweet red pepper bring a bit of color to this golden entree the creamy filling features imitation crab meat and swiss cheese go to recipe 19 20 meat and potato quiche this hearty dish gets the day off to a good start with its comforting and cozy flavors of shredded potatoes and crumbled taco meat.

Maryland crab cakes the classic american crab cake much richer than the thai ones but with a spicy kick unoaked or lightly oaked chardonnay would be the safe choice but i rsquo m not sure i wouldn rsquo t reach for an albarino crab saffron and leek quiche saffron is the key in this rick stein recipe.

In small bowl mix crabmeat and 1 2 teaspoon seafood seasoning set aside in 10 inch skillet heat oil over medium high heat until hot cook onion and bell peppers in oil 4 minutes stirring frequently.

These appetizer bites are a mini way to enjoy crab cakes for your next gathering crab fresh chives and spices are folded into bread crumbs shaped and baked for the perfect bite serve with lemon garlic sauce for dipping.