The best part is that these nonalcoholic drinks not only taste great but they can be made in a snap using your classic bar tools like a cocktail shaker or muddler and some require no tools at all shake up blackberry puree and white cranberry juice in our holiday appropriate cranberry sparkler or create a frozen pink grapefruit margarita.

Heres a terrific low alcohol punch thats perfect for thanksgiving gatherings mix up a big batch of cranberry juice pink lemonade and limeade concentrates add some white wine club soda and champagne and garnish festively with lemon slices fresh mint leaves and for some serious thanksgiving flair whole cranberries.

12 best non alcoholic wines for every occasion view gallery 41 photos emily hlavac green 26 frozen drinks to turn any day into a vacation.

12 best non alcoholic wines for every occasion jamaican guinness punch is a great cocktail for lovers of sweet drinks and dark brews and alcoholic make yourself one of these hot fudge.