Classy adult halloween if you rsquo re thinking of hosting a classy esque halloween dinner party your choices for decor are endless add the color white to the traditional halloween colors orange and black to add a little class use this trio of colors to inspire your decor we love the idea of using teeny tiny pumpkins as plate toppers via.

Bucks refer to drinks that combine lime and ginger beer so a dark and stormy with lime is an example of a buck in this version i introduced aromatic bitters and homemade hibiscus syrup for extra flavor and a blush of color add your choice of garnish such as a lime twist or a fresh hibiscus flower serve with a straw mdash matt wencl.

Whether you have guests coming over who dont imbibe kids who want to partake in the fun or youre just looking to cut back on your alcohol consumption these holiday drinks are for you theyre more special feeling than a soda or iced tea and everyone in the house can enjoy them without worry.

Continue kicking up your cocktail game with these adult beverages that taste like your favorite holiday sweets or these jolly jiggly jelly hellip.