German beef rouladen or beef rolls is a very delicious and popular german recipe it is not only popular during the holidays it is served for sunday lunches when the whole family and friends get together they are called in german ldquo rindsrouladen rdquo.

German rouladen is made with thin slices of beef browned then braised this delicacy makes use of inexpensive cuts of beef and transforms them into a favorite german meal the sauce can be very simple beef broth or more complex with vegetables and cream this recipe uses a little red wine for flavor but you can make the dish without the wine.

A family favorite in my husbands german family everyone loves rouladen german beef roll ups this german stuffed beef rolls recipe is made for many special occasions i had it for the first time when my future in laws invited my parents to dinner to celebrate our engagement.

Rouladen aren rsquo t hard to make but they do take time you can shave off some time on the day of your meal by assembling the rouladen ahead of time and chilling them until you rsquo re ready to cook them rouladen are made by spreading some german mustard on thinly cut slices of beef adding bacon sliced german pickles and chopped onions.

The authentic german sauerbraten is a traditional german pot roast using beef the meat will be marinated for some days and you serve it usually with potato dumplings spaetzle mashed potatoes and red cabbage the german ribbon egg noodles is a great side dish as well we think any pasta is good that connects well with gravy.

A typical dish in saxony this beef roulade packs different flavors into one single dish quality thin beef slices are rolled around bacon onions pickles and mustard and then roasted with red wine to produce a dark rich flavor rouladen are traditionally served for dinner with either potato dumplings or mashed potatoes and pickled red cabbage.