And with so many fish varieties and flavor combinations to choose from the options may seem endless this list of grilled fish recipes offers one delicious choice after another including grilled trout florentine and soy halibut steaks.

Mix up your summertime dinner rotation with one of these easy recipes for grilled fish weve got something for everyone this round up includes recipes for salmon cod grouper tilapia swordfish tuna steaks halibut sea bass trout and mahi mahi no matter what youre in the mood for youll find a delicious new favorite in this.

With a basting brush brush both sides of the steaks lightly with the vegetable oil and then place the steaks on the grill as with all grilling let the grill do the work don rsquo t move the steaks at all until they release easily from the grill about 4 minutes flip the steaks and grill on the second side for 3 4 minutes.

Swordfish is a mild tasting white fish with a meaty and firm texture its found in atlantic pacific and mediterranean waters this meaty fish is protein rich and a great source of b12 zinc and omega 3 youll find it sold in white steaks typically about 1 inch in thickness.

Marinated in a soy ginger sauce these tuna steaks have lots of flavor the meaty tender fish pairs perfectly with the salty tangy sauce made of soy sauce scallions lemon juice sesame oil and ginger and since the steaks only marinate for 20 minutes before being quickly grilled the whole recipe is ready in about half an hour theyre.

Grilled fish dont be intimidated to grill fish get the recipe from grilled tuna steaks with wasabi mayo wasabi mayo is the perfect spicy topper to tender juicy tuna steaks.

Cut fillets 1 1 2 to 2 inches wide place marinade ingredients in a large casserole dish or a plate with sides so the marinade doesnt run coat the salmon fillets in the marinade and then place them flesh side down in the marinade.