The gospels chronological 12 week this is a chronological parallel study of the gospels of matthew mark luke and john the text is grouped into seven daily sections making it useful for a week long study beginning on sunday and continuing through the week.

The text tells us three things about him first jesus had raised him from the dead john 12 1 second he was reclining at the table in fellowship with the lord who had raised him from the dead john 12 2 third his resurrected life resulted in many coming to see him and believing in jesus as a result john 12 9 11.

The blended plan divides the bible so that the reader will read books in a non traditional sequence for example while one is reading the book of isaiah he is also reading the book of mark download pdf chronological plan 1yr this plan does not read straight through the bible from genesis to revelation.

Last december i went on a hunt for a new bible reading plan i wanted to find one that was 5 days a week instead of the usual seven and i was hoping to find one that was psuedo chronological more on what i mean by that in a moment after searching a variety of websites i came across this bible reading plan that is my new favorite i think.

Matthew in the bible was one of jesus rsquo disciples matthew rsquo s gospel along with the gospels of luke john and mark is an inspired mdash and thus accurate and true mdash history of the life of christ his gospel is the longest of the four and some scholars believe it was the first to hellip.

If we allow bible history and the synchrony of god rsquo s great clocks to resolve the time of his death all of the data presented in the gospels concerning christ rsquo s passion week will harmoniously fit together in fact a d 30 exclusively satisfies the synchrony required by all seven clocks which the creator devised.